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Applied Nutrition Critical Mass

Quick Overview

Critical Mass contains 58 grams of the highest biological value proteins per serving. These will provide the building blocks for your muscle tissue. It also contains a precise ratio of complex and fast acting Carbohydrates. Consuming enough Carbohydrates is essential and will prevent you from losing muscle tissue. This makes Critical Mass ideal for any individual needing a high Carbohydrate meal during the day or after a tough training session.


  • Individuals wanting a calorie dense body mass gain formula.
  • “Hard-gainers” that struggle to put on weight (people with a high metabolic rate).
  • Strength athletes, bodybuilders & weight-lifters.
  • High energy athletes such as rugby players, boxers, wrestlers etc.
  • Anyone wanting to “bulk-up”, gain muscle weight, or improve all-round athletic performance.
  • Aerobic athletes wanting to build muscle or increase strength.



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